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HM takes hold! Red cubes everywhere in the city...

The "HM wirkt!" project involves HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences marking places in the city with 23 cubes made of recycled concrete – with one satellite outside Munich. These are the locations where HM is contributing to Munich's cultural memory – something that is often not known.

Did you know, for example, that the inventor of the character Pumuckl studied at a predecessor institution of the Department of Design? That HM alumnus Peter Lanz not only designed the Munich Allianz building, but also the 1,500 blue bus shelters of MVG? Or that the "Crazy Ice Cream Maker" acquired his craft in Italy, but his business knowledge at HM?

The effects of HM in the city can be seen, heard and tasted. Rallies and action days at individual cubes demonstrate at first hand what HM is all about: a university that keeps its ear close to the people, lends a hand, creates spaces and makes a profound artistic and conceptual contribution to the city’s cultural history.

Learn an interesting story and new information about each location. You can explore the places both virtually, on our website, and in real life, by means of a walking tour. The red cubes may no longer be on site, but the HM stories continue to shape the city.

Come with us on a voyage of discovery!